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As a physical therapist, I have seen numerous girl clients with injuries due to overuse, poor mechanics or lack of muscle strength. These injuries can be costly and can often sideline young athletes.


I created Fit Girl KC to help girls prevent injuries before they start by providing them with a solid foundation of knowledge in proper techniques while developing their self confidence and body awareness.

 - designed for girls ages 7-18

 - correct muscle imbalances 

 - focus on core strength and postural control

 - improve balance and agility

 - stretch tight muscle groups

    .... all while having fun! 


Fit Girl KC offers 45-minute personal training sessions in the convenience of your home.

Sessions can be individualized towards your daughter's fitness and/or sport-specific goals. 

The first session will be an evaluation, assessing your daughter's movement mechanics including evaluation of muscle strength and length to identify areas that require more attention, for individualized strength and conditioning training.

Individual 45 minute sessions= $45

Small Group (2-4 girls) 45 minute sessions= $25 per child

Fit Girl KC sessions can be scheduled weekly or at your convenience. 




Payments are due at the time of service and can be made via

cash, check or Venmo



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