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Why does my daughter need strength and flexibility training?

Strength and flexibility training offers many benefits for kids. As girls go through adolescence, their bodies grow quickly! Often core and important muscle groups are weaker during this time, and are not able to provide the stability needed during performance of sports and physical activities. This process can lead to knee, ankle and numerous other injuries. In addition to this, many sports can cause repetitive strain on girls bodies. Current research has shown a link between early sports specilization and increased risk for injury. Benefits to adding a well-rounded exercise training program include increased endurance, muscle strength, and self-esteem. By stretching, strengthening and learning proper form, your daughter will be provided with a good foundation for sports and/or exercise.

What materials are needed for my daughter to do Fit Girl training?

You ONLY need to provide the space in your home for training. Basements, rooms with open space, home gyms or outside (weather permitting) are all suitable for Fit Girl KC sessions. All materials needed for training will be brought to your house each session. It is recommended that girls wear comfortable clothing to exercise.

How do I schedule my daughter for Fit Girl KC exercise training sessions?

Contact Emily at hello@fitgirlkc.com with questions and/or to schedule an initial evaluation and individual or small group 45-minute training sessions.


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